Dave Grohl and Pat Smear of the Foo Fighters performing in San Bernardino. He has worn a White Knot ribbon, a symbol of support for same-sex marriage, to various events; when questioned about the knot, he responded, "I believe in love and I believe in equality and I believe in marriage equality. During downtime on a trip to Brazil in January 1993, Nirvana booked a recording session to demo some new material for the follow-up to the hugely successful Nevermind. In order to be considered for the position, Grohl lied about his age, claiming he was older. [85] Grohl also performed with McCartney at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, again playing drums on "I Saw Her Standing There". Christina Applegate's Husband Martyn LeNoble Was Her Rock through Her Cancer Battle All We Know About Him, Jennifer Anistons Father Lived 2 Hours from Her & Hoped She Would Come Back to Him before His Death, Ohio Couple Saved Their Broken Marriage Thanks to Gods Advice: 'God Can Heal Anything', Fans Said Richard Gere 'Too Old' to Be New Dad at 69 Now He & Young Wife Play With 2 Sons on Quiet Ranch, Jay Leno Helps Wife of 42 Years Carry Bags Over a Month after 10-Day Hospitalization She Stays His Top Priority, Tobey Maguire Is a Proud Father of Two: More about His Kids Otis Tobias and Ruby Sweetheart Maguire, Van Morrison Was Married Twice: Facts about His Private Life, Paul Wight's Wife: More about The Big Show's Family, Elizabeth Ann Weber Was Billy Joel's First Wife Who Inspired Some of His Songs. It was really the first time I ever heard a drummer in the forefront of the band, he recalled. [21] At age 17, Grohl auditioned with local Washington, D.C., favorites Scream to fill the vacancy left by the departure of drummer Kent Stax. [5][12] He said, "I was going in the direction of faster, louder, darker while my sister, Lisa, three years older, was getting seriously into new wave territory. On 8 October 2021, Grohl was the guest storyteller on CBeebies Bedtime Story, reading a story based on The Beatles song, Octopus's Garden.[124]. Jordyn, mother to Daves three daughters, remains very much married to the silver-tongued romantic. "[16] During his developing years as a drummer, Grohl cited John Bonham as his greatest influence, and eventually had Bonham's three-rings symbol tattooed on his right shoulder. His mother decided he should transfer to Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria because his cannabis use was lowering his grades. [51] May later contributed guitar work for the song "Tired of You" on the ensuing Foo Fighters album, as well as on an unreleased Foo Fighters song called "Knucklehead". Grohl particularly points to the song's chorus holding heavy personal meaning. The second Foo Fighters album, The Colour and the Shape, was released in May 1997 and cemented Foo Fighters as a staple of rock radio. [30], Nevermind (1991) exceeded all expectations and became a worldwide commercial success. I started praying', "Dave Grohl returns to birth city Warren, OH, gets own alley and key to the city", "Guinness World Record Largest drumsticks", "Unveiling of the record-breaking drum sticks", "Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl Play Anti-War 'Fortunate Son' at Veterans Day Concert", "The Passion of Dave Grohl: Inside Rolling Stone's New Issue", "On 'Drunk History,' the past gets plastered", Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle, Nirvana: Flower Sniffin', Kitty Pettin', Baby Kissin' Corporate Rock Whores, Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989, Smells Like Bleach: A Punk Tribute to Nirvana, Nirvana A Classic Album Under Review In Utero, https://www.discogs.com/release/10619499-Various-Milkin-It, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dave_Grohl&oldid=1152095641, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2022, Articles needing additional references from December 2020, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 28 April 2023, at 05:04. [22] To Grohl's surprise, the band asked him to join, so he dropped out of high school in his junior year. [101], On November 6, 2013, Grohl played drums at the 2013 CMA Awards replacing drummer Chris Fryar for Country Music band Zac Brown Band. In July 2009, it was revealed that Grohl was recording with Josh Homme and John Paul Jones as Them Crooked Vultures. Grohl did not want the effort to be considered the start of a solo career, so he recruited other band members: former Germs and touring Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear and two members of the recently disbanded Sunny Day Real Estate, William Goldsmith (drums) and Nate Mendel (bass). Published on March 29, 2022 05:10 PM. You can check out some of Nameless earliest recordings on YouTube. While their romantic relationship did not pan out, Grohl harbors no ill will toward his first wife. In 1997, his brief marriage to photographer Jennifer Youngblood ended in large part due to Grohl's sleeping around, he told The Guardian. Grohl's note read, in part, "Though I'm halfway around the world right now, my heart is with you both, and I want you to know that when you come home, there's two tickets to any Foos show, anywhere, and two cold beers waiting for yous [sic]. Jennifer Youngblood is an American photographer who is famous for being the ex-wife of popular drummer and rock star David Grohl, who is the founder of Foo It was followed by the documentary miniseries Sonic Highways (2014) and the documentary film What Drives Us (2021). He added, "One of the advantages of finishing the record before we had a new label was that it was purely our creation. Dave Grohl's first wife was Jennifer Youngblood, a woman who was there to see him through the heartbreak and depression of Kurt Cobain's suicide. He wrote and recorded a few new songs, "Walking After You" and the hit single Everlong, alone at a studio in Washington, D.C. "[141] In October 2006, one of the miners took up his offer, joining Grohl for a drink after a Foo Fighters acoustic concert at the Sydney Opera House. He is the founder of the rock band Foo Fighters, in which he is the lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter. He took the record back home to Virginia with him and fell in love with Neil Pearts innovative drumming. In 1997, the band released their second album, "The Colour and the Shape," which contained the instantly iconic single "Everlong." [65] The tenth Foo Fighters studio album, Medicine at Midnight, was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl in 1991. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. [127], In 2021, Grohl directed What Drives Us, a feature-length documentary on van touring. He further stated, "People need to realize that our country has to get tougher on gun laws, it just does, and I grew up in suburban Virginia going hunting in season. Quiz: How well do you know Foo Fighters' lyrics. In that capacity, he managed to play pieces of songs by punk bands like Circle Jerks and Bad Brains over the school intercom before his morning announcements. At 17, Grohl joined the punk rock band Scream after the departure of their drummer Kent Stax. [120] Grohl had previously hosted the show during the first week of December 2012 as part of "Celebrity Guest Host Week". We werent ready to get married. The band made their recording debut, alongside fellow D.C. punks Beefeater, Grey Matter and more, with the song I Can Only Try on a seven inch compilation EP titled Alive & Kicking, put together by local fanzine editor Scott Crawford. Grohl noted the recordings weren't working out and"the enthusiasm wasn't really there." During this period, he taught himself to play drums. [76] However, the controversy failed to create a lasting rift between the bands. [3] Grohl was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of Nirvana in 2014 and as a member of Foo Fighters in 2021. [18][19] Dain Bramage ended in March 1987 when Grohl quit without warning to join Scream,[19] having produced the I Scream Not Coming Down LP. In 2005, the FBI arrested a woman who was threatening to kill Dave. She is a photographer by profession. Here we present 20 lesser-known facts about the Foos frontman that even the most dedicated superfan might not know. I was always so excited to get there, and I was always bummed when it closed. [155], With a fortune of $260million at the time, Grohl was estimated by a 2012 Stereogum article to be the third wealthiest drummer in the world, behind Ringo Starr and Phil Collins. She had a map of my house and said she was going to kill me, then herself, he revealed to FHM magazine. That's Nirvana? Asked to pinpoint one album that inspired him to begin playing drums, Dave selected Rushs classic 2112, an album he was introduced to at age nine by his cousin Trip, while on a family visit to Chicago. Respect it. This article is about the American musician. Cobain said that he was excited at the possibility of having Novoselic and Grohl contribute more to the band's songwriting. The second single, "Long Road to Ruin", was released on December 3, 2007, followed by the third single, "Let It Die", on June 24, 2008. Luckily, he kept in touch and ended up rejoining in 2005, proving a solid lasting friendship regardless of past decisions. In 1992 Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne recruited Dave to drum on his King Buzzo EP. Grohl and Foo Fighters released their fifth album In Your Honor on June 14, 2005. [11] Smear was replaced by Grohl's former Scream bandmate Franz Stahl. Tracey introduced them to punk rock by taking the pair to shows by a variety of punk bands. [158] As for producing music, he refuses to use in-ear monitors despite their ability to protect his ears because it "removes [him] from the natural atmosphere sound so [he] cannot hear [his] bandmates". It was Nirvana's final studio recording;[36] on April 8, 1994, Cobain was found dead of a self-inflicted shotgun wound at his home. Rather than using his own name, Grohl released the cassette under the pseudonym "Late! [121], Grohl appeared in the 50th anniversary season of Sesame Street in February 2019.[122]. After a brief tour through North America, Britain and Japan with the band[11] and feeling rejuvenated by the effort, Grohl recalled the other band members to completely re-record their album at his studio in Virginia. On October 23, 2010, Grohl performed with Tenacious D at BlizzCon. Learn more. I heard the drums. I was like, 'What, that little dude and that big motherfucker? on the now-defunct indie label Simple Machines. In November, Grohl took a brief turn with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, including a performance on Saturday Night Live. Jennifer Youngblood was Daves first wife. During a 1990 tour stop on the West Coast, Melvins guitarist Buzz Osborne took his friends Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, of the band Nirvana, to see Scream. This was me finally saying goodbye to my past., Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen, with Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Nate Mendel of Foo Fighters at the 16th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, in 2001. He used to live with Kurt Cobain. He has appeared with Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures, Mick Jagger, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. We went home and bought Maximumrocknroll and tried to figure it all out. I grew up with a firearm myself. On August 10, 2018, Grohl released "Play", a solo recording lasting over 22 minutes. Grohl directed the Foo Fighters music videos for "Monkey Wrench" (1997), "My Hero" (1998), "All My Life" (2002), "White Limo" (2011), and "Rope" (2011), as well as all the music videos from the Sonic Highways and Concrete and Gold era. He stayed there for two years, beginning with a repeat of his first year. The first band in which Dave played drums was Washington, D.C. hardcore outfit Mission Impossible, born from the ashes of Freak Baby, in which he played guitar. He sang a duet version of "Maybe I'm Amazed" with Norah Jones on December 5, 2010.[86]. [163], Grohl's first solo Rolling Stone cover story was published on December 4, 2014.[164]. During the early 90s, Grohl dated photographer Jennifer Youngblood. He also released the music cassette Pocketwatch under the pseudonym Late! It would have been better had we not got married. The album features eight songs, each inspired by a different U.S. city's musical history and culture researched by Grohl himself. Near the end of 2001, Foo Fighters returned to the studio to work on their fourth album. He wakes up at 5am every day. In the spring of 1991, the band entered Sound City Studios in Los Angeles to record Nevermind (as seen in Grohl's 2013 documentary Sound City). We'd meet in the middle sometimes with Bowie and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The throne was unveiled at a concert in Washington, D.C. on July 4, where Grohl used the stage's video screens to show the crowd video of him falling from the stage in Gothenburg as well as X-rays of his broken leg. From Nirvana to Foo Fighters to countless guest appearances, Dave Grohl is a rocknroll king. But you live and you learn.". When Paul McCartney was awarded with the prestigious Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song in the summer of 2010, Dave was one of the artists (alongside Jack White, Elvis Costello and more) invited inside the White House to salute the former Beatles contribution to popular culture. It would have been better had we not got married. [60] Beginning with the show on July 4, Foo Fighters began selling new tour merchandise rebranding the band's North American tour as the Broken Leg Tour. [96] In what was regarded as a Nirvana reunion with McCartney as a stand-in for Kurt Cobain, this was the first time in eighteen years that the three had played alongside each other. There were other factors as well: Grohls divorce from his first wife, Jennifer Youngblood, with whom Smear was a close friend, and the way Grohl dictated the band also played into his decision. Absolutely adorable. The project was released in 2004 under the nickname Probot. He just seems like a massive jerk, was Daves considered opinion. [92], In October 2011, Grohl temporarily joined Cage the Elephant as a replacement on tour after drummer Jared Champion's appendix burst. Disagreements, however, weren't always about music alone. [143] The song, "Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners", appears on Foo Fighters' 2007 release Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, and features Kaki King. It made me want to become a drummer. The reconstituted band renamed itself Mission Impossible. On May 20, 2015, David Letterman selected Grohl and the Foo Fighters to play "Everlong" as the last musical guest on the final episode of Late Show with David Letterman. This was me finally saying goodbye to my past.. [54] The Medicine at Midnight tour was cancelled following the death of Hawkins on March 25, 2022. The death of his Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain had happened earlier in the year and the release of a new album under a new project name with a new bride was a lot to experience in a short span of time. Grohl, a fan of theatrical Swedish metal band Ghost, produced their EP If You Have Ghost. Singer. [135], Cal Jam 18 was held October 56, 2018 in San Bernardino, California which featured the Foo Fighters and a Nirvana reunion.[136][137]. Grohl began directing Foo Fighters music videos in 1997 and released his debut documentary, Sound City, in 2013. Beyond drumming, Grohl contributed guitar to a cover of Neil Young's "I've Been Waiting For You" on David Bowie's 2002 album Heathen. Dave returned to the White House four years later to interview him for the Sonic Highways documentary series. He plays rhythm guitar on the Swedes cover of Roky Ericksons If You Have Ghosts and drums on ABBA cover I'm A Marionette and Depeche Mode cover Waiting For The Night. They separated in December 1996 and divorced in 1997. The trackwas written by Grohl at a time of personal turmoil; not only was he mourning the death of a friend, but this was when his relationship with Youngblood was coming to an end. He grew tired of lessons and instead taught himself, eventually playing in bands with friends. He said, "I went to the 9:30 Club hundreds of times. Dave was earlier married to Jennifer Youngblood, whom he divorced in 1997. In February 1996, Grohl and his then-wife Jennifer Youngblood made a brief cameo appearance on The X-Files third-season episode "Pusher".[45]. The EP also featured Rami Jaffee, Jim Rota and Oliver Roman. The couple welcomed their daughter Violet Maye in 2006, Harper Willow in 2009, and Ophelia Saint in 2014. He declined an invitation to become Petty's permanent drummer. "I miss her a ton, she's the funniest goddamn weirdo you ever met in your life. [35], Prior to their 1994 European tour, the band scheduled session time at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle to work on demos. Goldsmith also believed that Capitol and producer Gil Norton wanted Grohl to drum on the album. Please fill in your e-mail so we can share with you our top stories! Nurture it. [83], In June 2008, Grohl was Paul McCartney's special guest for a concert at the Anfield football stadium in Liverpool, in one of the central events of the English city's year as European Capital of Culture. Dave Grohl and first wife Jennifer Youngblood in a 2 second . [34], During the sessions for In Utero, Nirvana decided to re-record "Color Pictures of a Marigold" and released this version as a B-side on the "Heart-Shaped Box" single, titled simply "Marigold". When "All My Life" ended its run, after a one-week respite, "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age took the number one spot. Grohl continued that as the song's melody came together, he began to write the lyrics to match the feeling of the tune. After going back and forth with Bushell a few times, he jokingly conceded victory to her, and later wrote and performed a song in her honor. Two During Hanukkah of 2020, Grohl collaborated with Greg Kurstin to release previously recorded covers of songs by Jewish artists, one per night. In 2001, Grohl performed on Tenacious D's debut album, and appeared in the video for lead single "Tribute" as a demon. The first pressing of There Is Nothing Left To Lose actually came with a stick-on transfer of the same tattoo. Grohl wrote the song in his hotel room, on his honeymoon with Youngblood in Dublin, Ireland in 1994. Dave Grohl's first wife was Jennifer Youngblood, a woman who was there to see him through the heartbreak and depression of Kurt Cobain's suicide. Grohl also helped pay tribute to McCartney at the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors along with No Doubt, Norah Jones, Steven Tyler, James Taylor, and Mavis Staples. The following September, Smear left the band, citing a need to settle down following a lifetime of touring. Many of Grohl's early influences were at the 9:30 Club, a music venue in Washington, D.C. [84] Grohl joined McCartney's band singing backup vocals and playing guitar on "Band on the Run" and drums on "Back in the U.S.S.R." and "I Saw Her Standing There". Featuring collaborations with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and Norah Jones, the album was a departure from previous efforts, and included one rock and one acoustic disc. In August 2000, Grohl voiced Daniel Dotson, an egotistical art instructor, in Is It Fall Yet?, the first of two film-length installments forMTV's animated series Daria. Cherish it. [159][160], Grohl's hometown of Warren unveiled gigantic 902lb (409kg) drumsticks in 2012 to honor him. Grohl became the drummer for Nirvana after Scream broke up in 1990. His primary acoustic guitar is a black Elvis Presley model Gibson Dove. Grohl said he felt the Greatest Hits was too early and "can look like an obituary". He worked with them closely on their EP. Dave played his first gig with Nirvana at the Two-time [118] On March 9, 2011, he appeared in the SNL Digital Short "Helen Mirren's Magical Bosom" and the sketch "Bongo's Clown Room".[119]. "[32], In the later years of Nirvana, Grohl's songwriting contributions increased. "Who else covers a Swedish death metal song while playing in a grunge band in the early 90s? [95], At the 12-12-12 Sandy benefit concert, Paul McCartney joined Grohl and the surviving members of Nirvana (Krist Novoselic and touring guitarist Pat Smear) to perform "Cut Me Some Slack", a song later recorded for the Sound City soundtrack. We collect and tell stories of people from all around the world. In 2002, Grohl helped Chan Marshall of Cat Power on the album You Are Free and played with Queens of the Stone Age on their album Songs for the Deaf. Jennifer originally called Jennifer Leigh Youngblood is a photographer from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. HODDER & STOUGHTON LTD. Cobain was found dead of a self-inflicted shotgun wound, release previously recorded covers of songs by Jewish artists, an eight-part documentary miniseries of the same name, Learn how and when to remove this template message, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, "The Storyteller by Dave Grohl a Foo Fighter pulls his punches", "Jay-Z, Foo Fighters welcomed into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame", "Virginia Hanlon, teacher, is Bride of News Writer", "Interview: 'I've never gotten off on chaos', "Dave Grohl: Hardcore, Nirvana And Tears For Fears? Grohl's interest in science fiction led to the band's name referencing the slang term given to UFOs in World War II so it is only fitting that the first visual associated with the group would capture the theme. "I was 25, my wife was even younger. WebJennifer Youngblood is a photographer who has become known as the ex-wife of famous musician, Dave Grohl. The first Foo Fighters album was released in 1995, and a full band was assembled to tour and record under the Foo Fighters name; they have released 10 studio albums. "[28] Grohl told Q: "I remember being in the same room with them and thinking, 'What? Grohl is a self-taught musician and cannot read music, and instead plays only by ear. He appeared as the drummer for the entire concert, and a year later he returned with Foo Fighters and played another set there, this time as guitarist and vocalist. Discover Dave Grohl's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Game; Dave Grohl. On October 13, 2007, he performed in the SNL Digital Short "People Getting Punched Just Before Eating". [39], Grohl wondered if his future might be in drumming for other bands. [145] Grohl has also participated in two counter-protests against the Westboro Baptist Church for their anti-gay stance, once by performing "Keep It Clean" on the back of a flatbed truck[146] and most recently by Rickrolling them. Grohl's drum kit, as designed by Drum Workshop, features five different sized toms ranging from 5x8 inches to 16x18 inches, a 19-inch crash cymbal, two 20-inch crash cymbals, an 18-inch China cymbal, a 24-inch ride cymbal, and a standard kick drum, snare drum, and hi-hat.[140]. They completed several of Grohl's songs, including future Foo Fighters songs "Exhausted", "Big Me", "February Stars", and "Butterflies". Add to Bag. [citation needed] Grohl later expressed regret, and said that "there were a lot of reasons it didn't work out, but there was also a part of me that was like, you know, I don't know if I'm finished playing the drums yet".[47]. Grohl would later record the song for the Pocketwatch cassette. He has been married to producer and director Jordyn Blum with whom he shares three beautiful daughters since 2003. [81] Most recently, he recorded all the drums on Juliette and the Licks's 2006 album Four on the Floor[82] and the song "For Us" from Pete Yorn's 2006 album Nightcrawler. She is an American photographer and is best known for her work for Foo Fighters, Two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dave Grohl is known in the music world as one of the most devoted of family men. Grohl had previously been impressed by her talent and energy. It became the band's first album to reach No. (Grohl can be seen drumming for the band in the video for the song "No One Knows".) Jennifer Youngblood with her ex Grohl acknowledges that his split with his first wife, Jennifer Youngblood, was because of his own infidelities. Grohl completed the recording in two weeks, and immediately joined Foo Fighters to work on their follow-up. [71], In 1997, Grohl played a few songs with David Bowie for Bowie's 50th birthday concert, which was recorded and shown on pay-per-view later that year. [12] While in high school, he played in several local bands, including a stint as guitarist in a band called Freak Baby.
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